Magician Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Trapped fingers, bumps, knocks and scrapes when setting upChildrenKeep children away when setting up. Do not allow children “back stage” or to assist with props
Electric shockPerformer and assistantsCarry out visual check on electrical equipment before use. Do not perform with bare wires, faulty plugs etc. Do not permit liquid near the electrical equipment
Injury caused by falling objectsStaff and publicEnsure backdrops, tables and props are secure. Do not allow staff and public into the performance area unless invited by the magician
ChokingYounger childrenDo not give small prizes, balloons, or objects to children under the age of three
Internal ruptures caused by inflating balloons by mouthBalloon TwisterAlways use a balloon pump to inflate balloonsThere is serious danger of injury by inflating balloons by mouth. This practice is not recommended by manufacturers
Tripping and fallingPublic and entertainersKeep area tidy. Store boxes and bags neatly without risk of them falling or being walked into. Keep walk ways clear. Do not lay cable in walk ways unless covered or taped downEvent organiser must ensure the performers have an enclosed, dedicated space to work in

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