Face Painting Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Adverse skin reactions due to applying face painting materialsChildren and adultsUse approved paints and materials. Do not face paint children under three/with sensitive skin (offer to paint hand or arm instead). Advise people who appear to have skin conditionsJoJoFun’s face painting materials are industry standard and of high quality. Insurance may be invalid if painting children under three
Paint brush in the eyeChildren who cannot sit stillDo not face paint children under three or cannot follow instructionsOffer to paint hand or arm instead
Spreading infections (eg cold sores and conjunctivitis)Children and adultsDo not paint the infected area. Keep painting implements clean: use clean sponges for each person, regularly wash brushes in use, regularly change water, thoroughly clean brushes, sponges and water bowls after the event
Aggravating existing skin conditionsChildren and adultsDo not paint children or adults with sensitive skin, eczema, open cuts or sores, or other skin conditionsOffer to paint hand or arm instead
Falling off the chairYoung childrenAssist the child on and off the chair
Paint brush in the eye if the face painter is knockedChildren and adultsKeep a distance between spectators and face painter.Organisers must provide face painters with an uncrowded area
Falling or tripping over equipmentSpectators and staffKeep work area tidy. Keep a clear space round the work area. Keep spectators away from the work areaOrganisers must provide face painters with an uncrowded area

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