Boys Loot Bags

Children's Loot Bags TorontoWe are proud to present our super selection of high-quality loot bags.  

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“The loot bags were brilliant, all the gifts were of very high quality and no plastic rubbish. Well worth every penny! Many thanks.” Alice

Below are suggestions for loot bag fillers. Items are subject to availability, let us know what you would like so we can confirm which items are in stock.

Example Loot Bags for Boys
Example 1:

Example 2:

More Possibilities…

Subject to an ever-changing supply of stock items… below are more suggestions for age appropriate loot bag fillers:

Ages 0 – 3

• Animal Photo Frame
• Wooden Castanet
• Rubber Duck
• Sandcastle Windmill
• Magnetic Note Clip
• Bubbles

Ages 3 – 6

• Animal Sticker Pack
• Magic Wallet
• Wooden Castanet
• Happy Ball
• Modeling Clay
• Bubbles
• Rocket Balloons

Ages 7 – 10

• Flexi Flyers
• Jumbo Glider
• Juggling Balls
• Rocket Balloons

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